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Welcome to Huddersfield 3D Student Alumni

Click for design gallery The examples exhibited here are produced by 3D Design students from the University of Huddersfield

Product Design BA/BSc(Hons): Product designers shape the world around us. The intellectual skills to solve problems and develop products have worldwide demand. These award winning and highly regarded courses produce professional designers capable of highly creative design ideas and sufficient technical know-how to deliver the mass produced items of tomorrow.The courses have very close industrial links and a high level of vocational bias which is illustrated by the substantial amount of live project work and our excellent graduate career record. BA and BSc students enrol onto a common Year 1 programme and choose, with staff help, which pathway to follow at the start of Year 2 thus ensuring a well-informed decision.The courses embrace a range of industrial design skills which include sketch drawing, physical model-making (aesthetic, ergonomic and prototypes), computer aided design skills (including rapid prototyping) together with technical and contextual inputs. Both routes integrate an optional 48 week work experience period during Year 3. how to apply

Interior Design BA(Hons) : These are professionally orientated degree courses that prepare you for design practice in the multi-disciplinary area of spatial design. The course shares a common Year 1 and Year 2 approach allowing you to move towards an individual focus, or specialisation, in the final stages of the course. Practical design project work is normally based on 'vocational topics' and the close integration of 'issues' which help develop skills, knowledge, understanding, approach and individual design philosophy. Some of the 'issues' addressed include such things as international culture and context, regeneration/renewal, environment/sustainability, visual styling and branding, new technologies and communication. The courses provide optimum access to learning experiences, employment opportunities and the development of individual expertise and personal aspirations.how to apply

3D Digital Design MA: The ethos of this Master MA 3DDD course is to enable professional 3D designers to enter into practice at the forefront of technology having an understanding of how a range of 3D software packages can be combined and manipulated to serve different purposes. In this way, it is expected that the conventional resource boundaries potentially limiting 3D designers will be tested and reformed to allow more innovative and creative design processes to be employed. Graduates with degrees in three-dimensional design, including Product, Industrial Design, Architecture, 3D Design, Graphics, Illustration, Animation, etc., can explore the impact of emerging technologies on the design process and the production of objects or spaces. Taught over 45 weeks the course covers advanced 3D modelling, animation, where complex forms are visualised, simulated and tested on screen. Click to apply

Transport Design BA(Hons) : Transport Design covers all transport vehicles such as boats, yachts, trains, bicycles or cars. Throughout the course, design projects form the core of your studies and cover a wide range of topics, allowing you to practise the skills and knowledge you have acquired from associated modules. Live projects have involved companies such as Jaguar, Nissan, Ford, Land Rover, TVR and MG Rover. While a significant proportion of the course is orientated towards automotive design, projects also allow for a wider interpretation of transport design and have included public transport, trucks, motorcycles, boats and bikes as well as more conceptual approaches towards transport issues of the future. Modules taught during Years 1 and 2 support your design work and include. how to apply


Click for Gallery The examples exhibited here are produced by MA 3D Digital Design, Product and Transport Design students at the School of Art, Design and Architecture, University of Huddersfield

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